I was 10 minutes late for the last dog appointment of the day. No one rushed my dog's care at all, everyone was friendly and informative Dr. Happels vet clinic is best in the grand rapids.

Eric C.

Eastown has been our vet for many years. The doctors provide very good care to the creatures I love. Thank you.

Ann E.

The service here for my dog is amazing! We have been taking her there since she was 4 months old and have never had a bad experience ever, when she needed to be spayed they called before the procedure and after the procedure to let us know how she was doing. The level of care and the knowledge the staff have are amazing, there's no other Vet in town I would go to.

Kenneth V.

I took my cat to Eastown to get checked out to determine if her aversion to the litter box was a medical condition or behavioral. The Eastown team was very nice and caring and Dr. McDowell was also caring and informative. She spent all the time we needed to help solve the issue. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of a vet.

Marianne C.

Love them! They were so helpful and responsive during my puppies allergic reaction. They set up an appointment for her that day and told me what to watch for in case it became more urgent. It got much worse and I came in 2.5 hours early for my visit. They squeezed us into the schedule and were SO kind to both my puppy and I. Prices are great, service is wonderful and I could not be more pleased with them. Leaps and bounds better then our old vet.Thank you!!!

Katie Z.

They treat my boys like family and are always calming and happy to work with them. A wonderful place with kind and knowledgeable staff that I cannot recommend enough. In a time of crisis when we were new to the area this clinic was the only one willingly to help us without hesitation (four others were unwilling to help or even give us information because we were not their clients yet) and that kindness has always stuck with me.

Elizabeth W.

Love Eastown Clinic! They always remember Captain by name. I didn't think my dog would ever be excited to go to the vet, but he absolutely loves it! They always greet him with a treat and he is always welcomed with a kong full of peanut butter and a bunch of hugs and smiles. I absolutely love Eastown and will always trust them with my pets, it's clear that they treat my little one like family!

Katie O.

Eastown is the most incredible, compassionate office I've taken my cats to. Every time we go in the staff is warm, friendly, and eager to help however they can. Dr. McDowell is extraordinarily patient and kind, and I could not be happier to have them as my vet. All pricing is explained and detailed out so it's not a surprise at the very end, and you never feel "pushed aside" if pricing IS a difficulty; everyone is there to help. We brought our newest kitten to Eastown, and were fortunate enough to have been able to say goodbye to our oldest at Eastown. I cannot say enough how much their caring and thoughtful approach to animal's health means to myself and my fur babies.

Audrey H.

Love the separate cat entrance. Great experience. Nice place, nice people. Highly recommend.


Dr. Tiddle is the best! My dogs absolutely love her. She is a great listener and problem solver. She is very thorough. Many people complain about high costs here but what I appreciate is that they give you a detailed quote BEFORE doing anything to your pet, and by doing this I can accept or decline services. This has actually saved us money in the long run compared to vets who just do treatment/procedures without asking or explaining and then give you the bill afterwards. The clinic is always clean and organized. All the docs here are super nice.

Stephanie M.

Excellent staff all the way around. My pup received high tech, high quality care. Their love of animals was very obvious.

Mark P.

Great service! Amazing Doctor on-site as well that actually cares. She is great, they are all really nice people. Highly recommend.

William Q.

We have been taking Lucy to Eastown since we got her as a puppy and are very happy with the care and customer service thus far. We are always greeted with a smile and the staff is very attentive. We also get Lucy groomed at the office and the staff does a great job with her. I really like how they call to check in after she has been seen at their office for an ailment and they even called after we took her to the ER. We will continue to seek care at Eastown because they provide quality care and truly care about all of the animals they care for. I highly recommend their office.

Allison M.

I absolutely love Eastown Vet! I've been a client there for almost 5 years, first for our 2 cats and most recently for our new puppy. The customer service is one of a kind. It's clearly evident that each and every employee cares about the well-being of pets and their owners. Having both cats and a dog, it's a great peace of mind to have two separate sides of the office for each. I highly recommend and will not go anywhere else!

Megan D.

I am so thankful for Dr. Happel and all her employees! The staff here is incredibly dedicated and SO friendly! We've NEVER had a bad experience here. Our puppy has gone here since we got him, and each time we've gone in they've known him without us telling them, know our names and are seriously so friendly. It can be a little more expensive than other places but they are very upfront with the estimate of what each appointment will cost before they do anything and they are worth EVERY PENNY. Our puppy has been fixed here as well, and while I was a mess calling in every other hour to check on him, they always did an incredible job checking in with me and giving me updates. Recently, my puppy caught bronchitis from a doggy daycare and they called 3 days after the appointment just to check in and see how my puppy was doing! They were also able to get him in for an appointment very last minute which was awesome. Very sweet and very empathetic. We trust Eastown Veterinary Clinic so much and are so thankful for their hard work and dedication!

Marissa P.

I've taken my Goldens to East town Vet because my dogs always received excellent care. They are knowledgeable, and compassionate. I have recommended their care to others several times.

Paul D.

We switched over from VCA. First of all, the separate entrances for cats and dogs is a blessing. Second, I was extremely impressed and thankful that the staff not only had knowledge of my specific breed's health issues, but they were willing to reach out to other clinics to gather as much info as possible. I have a rare breed of dog (Shar Pei), and most clinics have no idea what to do about her or Shar Pei Fever. Thank you Dr. Tittle and staff!

Tay M.

It takes alot for me to trust a new vet location but Easttown has impressed me so much! My dog Blitz has been struggling with some weird reactions to her body and we went to multiple vets for it to tell us the same thing! Dr. McDowell has helped us so much into figuring what's going on and how to help my Blitzy. I also just got a new puppy and can't wait for his visits there too!

Bailey S.