Facility/Regulatory Manager & Sonographer

Brandy graduated from Michigan State University's Vet Tech Program in 2012. She took a particular interest in large animal anesthesia and diagnostic imaging. After graduating, Brandy worked at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY performing MRIs before deciding to stay in Michigan. 

Brandy started at Eastown Veterinary Clinic as a licensed veterinary nurse in 2012. She is a diligent, hardworking individual and continues to grow her passion for advanced diagnostic imaging, particularly ultrasound. 

"I am most passionate about giving my patients a voice in their health. Advanced diagnostics and imaging are so very important to us because our patients cannot tell us what is wrong. Some problems aren't even evident yet. A lot of times when we are running routine diagnostics we find unexpected things. Things that if caught early may lead to better long term outcomes."

Outside of Eastown Veterinary Clinic, Brandy owns and operates Blue Gables Homestead with her husband Jeremy and their daughter Evaline. She enjoys being home on the homestead working towards their self-sustainability. Blue Gables is a homestead run on solar and wind power, with many critters contributing to the fun of homesteading, including cats (7), chickens (60+), goats (9), pigs (2), a pony, and a swan that decided to take up residency.